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If you’re one of the many who are charmed not only by the sea but by the beauty of the Virgin Islands, taking a private Virgin Islands yacht charter is the perfect choice for your next vacation. And the place to find that perfect yacht is here at Private Yacht Charter.

We will connect you not only with the ideal sailing yacht, motor yacht, or motor sailor for your needs, but an excellent crew. Set yourself up for success by booking your Virgin Islands charter yacht right here. See our excellent set of available private Virgin Islands yacht charter vessels below, or contact us for help.

Continue reading to book your private Virgin Islands yacht charter and learn more about the amazing things that await you.

What You Can Look Forward to on a Virgin Islands Charter Boat Vacation

There’s so much to do during a sailing vacation in the Virgin Islands. Here are some of the major things you can look forward to:

  • Relaxation and comfort
  • The beautiful land and seascape of the Virgin Islands
  • Clear waters
  • Ocean breezes
  • Getting some real quality time with your loved ones
  • Great food and drink
  • Incredible local attractions
  • You choose where to go and what to do, your crew takes care of the rest

Selection of the Amazing Sailing & Power Yacht Charter Boats Available in the Virgin Islands

We have access to a wide selection of yachts all over the Virgin Islands area. Click the links below to see descriptions of the vessels and start envisioning your dream yacht vacation!

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Want to learn more before booking? Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

Virgin Islands Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing yacht with couple

If you aren’t already attracted to sailing because of the natural romance of a sailboat, perhaps you haven’t considered the many benefits to a sailing yacht. Here are a few thoughts.

Sailing is Low Key

Won’t make it “on time” to the next place on the itinerary? Sometimes you can’t help it when you’re sailing. But that’s ok – it’s what a trip on a sailboat is all about. Or fire up the engines and motor to the next place on your itinerary.

Sailing is Off the Beaten Path

When you’re sailing, you can truly go anywhere. Enjoy the food and activities of the local town or find your own remote private anchorage. Or why not do both! Get out there where no one else is and experience the freedom that sailing offers.

Sailing is Quiet

If noise is a regular part of your life, your vacation should be about being still and resetting. While there is always plenty to do on any yacht, there is something unique about moving across the water with no motor noise, and nothing to distract.

Sailing is Tradition

Experience what it’s like to move the old-fashioned way while still being connected to all the modern luxuries.

Sailing is Luxury

Modern sailing yachts are nothing like being stuck on an old musty wooden ship. They are packed with all the modern conveniences that you would expect from any luxury yacht experience.

Check out some of our best sailing yacht charters in the Virgin Islands!

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Virgin Islands Motor Yacht Charters

These days, many people are taking to the sea to get away from the stress and bustle of the everyday, to relax in a purely luxurious environment. Modern motor yachts offer exactly this.

Yachting is Carefree

When you book a private Virgin Islands yacht charter, you are signing up for an experience where everything is taken care of. You don’t have to worry about timetables or schedules – the only thing to consider is what to do next.

Yachting is Private

When you’re at sea, there’s open space. You get to make the call if you want neighbors or not. The crew on your yacht are committed professionals, so even onboard your ship you have the space to be with your loved ones, or even just by yourself.

Yachting is Fun

Many of the yachts available on this site come with a variety of toys from floaties to slides. If you want to do something a bit further from ship, there’s always going to be an incredible variety of experiences available, both natural and manmade.

Yachting is an Adventure

When on a private yacht voyage, you will get to see things you wouldn’t see any other way. Exploring the Virgin Islands by yacht is an adventure accompanied by all the luxuries (and perhaps more) of home.

Check out some of our best Virgin Islands power yacht charters below!

Power yacht

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Yachts and Catamarans: Differences

You have a few different yacht styles to choose from which include catamarans, power catamarans, motor yachts, or monohull sailboats. Each has its own unique qualities to consider when making your decision. If you can’t decide, we are happy to help you explore your options and match you with the ideal yacht and crew. Let us assist you in brokering any type of charter you might be interested in.

Book Your Private Virgin Islands Yacht Charter with One of Our Recommended Crews

Your crew will handle everything from the boat to the bar to the food to setting up floaties. With so much of your Virgin Islands sailing vacation riding on the capabilities of the crew, it’s important to make the right selection. Maybe you want a crew that can teach you how to kiteboard or even learn to sail yourself.  How do you do that at a distance? Ask someone with experience. Contact us if you have any questions, and check out our recommended crews at the link below.

Things to Do and See on Your Virgin Islands Sailing Vacation

Here are just some of the amazing things you can check out while on your Virgin Islands voyage:

  • Explore the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Cliff and pier diving
  • An experience for families, couples, or solo trips
  • Turquoise water that stays around 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year
  • Plenty of beaches and bays
  • Enjoy a relaxing drink on board
  • Work on your tan in the warm sun
  • Float or be towed on the crystal-clear waters

Private Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Q&A

How much does it cost to charter a yacht?

Private boat charters vary in their cost based on several factors, including

  • Size
  • Mode of power
  • Crew compliment
  • Luxury of fittings and features

Costs vary quite a bit based on these factors. You can see the exact costs on this page by scrolling up or using the search feature from anywhere on this website.

What does the cost of a Virgin Islands yacht charter include?

The cost of Virgin Islands yacht charters through Private Yacht Charter typically includes a Captain, Chef, expenses associated with running the vessel, 3 meals a day, beverages, standard bar, and any equipment your specific charter has on board. Essentially the only thing your rental charge doesn’t include are costs for doing things on land and gratuities (typically 15-20%). Any additional activities off of the boat will likely cost you extra. Please note that every boat will be different. Be sure to read your paperwork thoroughly to avoid any surprises.

How long is the private yacht charter season in the Virgin Islands?

Ideal seasons for yacht charter vacations vary by location. Many vessels are not available during the summer due to the hurricane season. The most popular time is during the winter, as people are looking to escape the cold.

How long can you rent a private Virgin Islands yacht for?

The fees listed on our website are per week, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to time spans of a week. Along with your own schedule, check out the schedule of availability for your selected yacht.

Do you tip the crew on a chartered yacht?

It is customary to tip your crew at the end of your charter and the standard is 15-20% of the charter rate. Be mindful of this additional expense when booking your trip to stay within your budget.

What is a megayacht or superyacht?

The terms megayacht and superyacht are used interchangeably to describe luxury yachts, whether sailing, powered, or a combination, that are over 80 feet in length. Being just that bit bigger puts them in a class of their own. Take a look at some of our offerings above

Will I need to wear a lifejacket?

Only when and where required by law. Your crew will let you know when those times are.

If your question isn’t on this list, or you would like more details before scheduling your dream private Virgin Islands yacht charter, please contact us!